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When your project has been approved by NHSE, we will agree an intensive support period with you when our statisticians and engineers will be made available to get you started.

If you're outside that support period, or you're just trying OpenSAFELY out, your first port of call should be our Q&A forum in GitHub.

Bug reports and feature requests🔗

OpenSAFELY uses GitHub to manage and share code and other platform resources. If you want to request any changes to the platform then GitHub issues should be your first port of call.

Issues can be submitted for lots of different things — new variables or other features, bug reports, additional R or Stata packages, documentation updates, and so on. All our core software packages live in the opensafely-core GitHub organisation.

The most common requests are about library support, and new study definition variables. We have a whole page describing how to request new libraries, and another about how to request new study variables. If you want to report bugs or request features in the opensafely command-line tool, you can do so in its own dedicated issue tracker.

Other than this, you will need to choose the most appropriate repo to submit an issue. If you're not sure where to submit your issue, just ask a question in our Q&A forum and we can point you to the right place.