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Intensive care admissions (covid-19 only)

The ICNARC-CMP dataset contains information on covid-related intensive care admissions in England.


ICNARC data can only be used in collaboration with ICNARC researchers who must be involved in working on the study and writing it up. Please contact your co-pilot, or if you have any questions.


Data from ICNARC were last imported on 21-Jan-2021, with no further imports currently planned. Alternative data on ICU admission can be gleaned from SUS (i.e. returning=days_in_critical_care).

From ICNARC's website:

The Case Mix Programme (CMP) is an audit of patient outcomes from adult, general critical care units (intensive care and combined intensive care/high dependency units) covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The CMP is listed in the Department of Health's 'Quality Accounts' as a recognised national audit by the National Advisory Group on Clinical Audit & Enquiries (NAGCAE) for 'Acute' care.

Currently only Covid-19 positive patients are provided by ICNARC.


  • Data provider ICNARC
  • Participation / Coverage Adult ICU/HDUs admissions in England, Wales, NI. Specialist units (eg neuro / cardiac) also participate. covid-19 admissions only
  • Provenance ICUs and HDUs
  • Update frequency in OpenSAFELY Approximately weekly.
  • Delay between event occurring and event appearing in OpenSAFELY Approximately 1-2 weeks.
  • Collected information Admission, discharge and transfer dates; reason for admission; clinical support/interventions; clinical findings

More InformationπŸ”—

CMP resources — this is comprehensive, and includes links to the data dictionary, CRF, data flows, and other useful resources.

Datasource-specific glossaryπŸ”—

  • Advanced respiratory support unclear, possibly non-intubated ventilation
  • Basic respiratory support unclear, possibly intubated ventilation
  • Admission these include any admission to ICU even if the patient did not require critical care, for example due to bed pressures elsewhere in the hospital. It may be useful to filter by severity, e.g., ventilated patients only. Similarly, potentially critically ill patients cared-for by ICU staff but who are admitted to a different unit will not be included in the CMP. Each admission is a row, so patients transferred to other units will appear in the dataset multiple times, even if it’s part of the same spell.