Create a GitHub repository

Here, you'll copy our OpenSAFELY research template to your own GitHub account, for developing your own study:

  1. Click on the link below to create new repository based on our template. You may need to log in to GitHub if you are not already logged in:
  2. Leave the "Include all branches" option unchecked.
  3. Use the Owner drop-down menu, and select your GitHub account as the owner.
  4. Enter opensafely-getting-started as the name for your repository.
  5. Enter "The OpenSAFELY getting started tutorial" as the description of your repository.
  6. Choose "Public" as repository visibility. Entering a description and choosing to make a repository public or private, when creating a repository from the research template.
  7. Click Create repository from template
  8. The new GitHub repository will take a moment to initialise, as it is running some setup in background. Wait about 1 minute, then reload the page, and you should see the README displayed now reflects the name you gave to the new repository.

If you see ${GITHUB_REPOSITORY_NAME} in your README, the repo is not yet initialised, wait a few seconds longer and reload.