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Upgrading ehrQL from v0 to v1

ehrQL v1 was released on Friday 8th December 2023.

It contains a small number of breaking changes from v0.

Upgrading from v0🔗

  • In project.yaml, replace either ehrql:v0 or databuilder:v0 with ehrql:v1
  • From the command line, run opensafely pull ehrql

Breaking changes🔗

Removal of databuilder imports🔗

Some projects have been using ehrQL from when the project was called "Databuilder".

Update lines in your dataset definition that use databuilder imports to ehrql. For example, change:

from databuilder import create_dataset


from ehrql import create_dataset

Movement of tables out of the "beta" namespace🔗

Tables have been moved out of the "beta" namespace.

Update lines in your dataset definition that import tables from the beta namespace. For example, change:

from ehrql.tables.beta.core import patients


from ehrql.tables.core import patients

Change to default size of dummy dataset🔗

By default, a dummy dataset will now contain data for 10 patients. This means when you generate a dummy dataset from the console, you get a tractable amount of output.

This can be changed per dataset with:


Renaming of language features🔗

For consistency, a few small language features have been renamed.

  • if_null_then has been renamed to when_null_then.
  • The default argument to case() has been renamed to otherwise.
  • Dataset.configure_dummy_dataset has been renamed to Dataset.configure_dummy_data.

Deprecation of tpp.hospital_admissions table🔗

The tpp.hospital_admissions table duplicated the tpp.apcs table. Additionally, its .primary_diagnoses field should have been called .primary_diagnosis.

Update lines in your dataset definition that use tpp.hospital_admissions to use tpp.apcs For example, change:

from ehrql.tables.beta.core import hospital_admissions


from ehrql.tables.core import apcs

Change to behaviour when household information is missing🔗

When querying tpp.household_memberships_2020, None is now returned instead of zero if information for a household is missing.

Getting help🔗

If you are stuck or unsure how to upgrade, ask your co-pilot or seek help in Slack.