OpenSAFELY follows the Five Safes framework for data access to allow safe and efficient use of data.

Safe Outputs is one of the dimensions of the Five Safes framework, which assesses any residual risk of disclosure of patient information in outputs wishing to be released from the secure environment. This risk is minimised by researchers applying statistical disclosure controls to their research outputs, followed by output checking of these outputs by our team of trained output checkers.

In OpenSAFELY, there are 4 key “Safe Outputs” activities:

  1. Researchers must apply statistical disclosure controls to their research outputs.
  2. Requesting release of outputs from the Level 4 server that are necessary to fulfil the purpose of a project.
  3. Review of the requested outputs by two trained OpenSAFELY output checkers.
  4. Release of outputs that meet our disclosure rules to the relevant workspace on the Jobs site.