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In-hospital deaths (covid-19 only)

The Covid-19 Patient Notification System (CPNS) is the route by which NHS England are informed of positive COVID-19 in-hospital deaths. Initially this was lab-confirmed covid deaths only, but also includes suspected cases from 28 April 2020 onwards.


  • Data provider NHS England.
  • Participation / Coverage In-hospital covid-related deaths in England.
  • Update frequency in OpenSAFELY Weekly.
  • Delay between event occurring and event appearing in OpenSAFELY Within 2 weeks.
  • Available from 24/03/2020 onwards (all test-positive deaths); 28/04/2020 onwards (test-positive and covid documented as underlying cause).
  • Collected information Admission, test, result, and death dates; hospital and department of death; basic demographics.

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