Telling us about changes to your project

Here is some information about the new process for telling us about changes to your project:

Project Update Form

When leaving your research position or if you are ending a project, a step by step guide for handing over a ‘single’ OpenSAFELY project will need to be adhered to by completing a Project Update Form. Completion of this form is required for any project that meets any of the following circumstances:

  1. One or more researchers are leaving their research position at their home institution.
  2. One or more roles within the project need to be handed over (i.e study lead, researcher, etc,.)
  3. The project can no longer continue i.e the project needs to be either postponed, or retired.
  4. The project is completed.

This form must be returned by the Study Lead. If you are not the study lead, this form must be completed in collaboration with them (or as a minimum review by). For any questions that arise while filling in this form, researchers are advised to contact their Co-pilot in the first instance, or the OpenSAFELY Research Administrator via the applications inbox [email protected].