Level 4 server

All outputs from OpenSAFELY pipelines are subject to tiered levels of scrutiny, to provide assurance that identifiable data is not leaked accidentally, or maliciously.

The final tier is review of so-called "Level 4" outputs, where the OpenSAFELY framework stores outputs labelled as moderately_sensitive in the project.yaml file.

If you have Level 4 access you can log in and review your aggregated results before requesting files to be released. You will find your files to review in D:\Level4Files\workspaces\<workspacename>.


Mac users

If intending to use a Mac for Level 4 access, please check your hardware is suitable first.

Level 4 access requires a working Windows installation. Mac users with older Intel hardware have had success in accessing Level 4 when running Windows in a virtual machine.

However, Mac users with newer Macs that have Apple processors — for example, the M1 processor — can only run Windows in a virtual machine via the Windows on ARM release: this configuration is currently incompatible with the client necessary for Level 4 access.

Macs with Apple processors are still suitable for writing, testing and submitting OpenSAFELY code to be run on the secure server. This issue only affects access to Level 4 server.

See this support discussion for a description of the problem.