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How to use Git effectively

This page links to resources that describe how to use Git effectively.

Using Git with git🔗

The git command-line tool has a large number of commands. However, only a small number are important and commonly used. These are summarised in GitHub's "Git Cheat Sheet".

Using Git with VS Code🔗

VS Code's Source Control view provides a visual interface to important and commonly used commands. For more information, see the "Introduction to Git in VS Code" page in VS Code's docs.

Diving deeper🔗

The Turing Way project has a section on its website entitled "Version Control".

The University of Bristol's Electronic Health Records Group have a section on their website entitled "Introduction to using Git and GitHub".

Git's "Documentation" page links to several videos and books, including the "Pro Git" book by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub.

Dangit, Git!?! describes several Git pitfalls, with advice about how to escape from them. There's also a version with swears.