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Adding an OpenSAFELY paper to🔗

We are very keen to compile all pre-printed and published OpenSAFELY studies on

To do this, open a new file in a text editor of your choice. Populate the file using the following template:

title: "Short title for the page"
date: yyyy-mm-dd
status: "preprint" or "published"
paper: "Title of the paper"
description: "Description of the paper"
cite: "How to cite this paper"
link: ""

## Abstract

### Background

### Methods

### Results

### Conclusions

First, update the frontmatter (i.e., the text between the ---s) with the correct details for your paper. Note that status: should have the value preprint or published to indicate the current status of your manuscript. Then, add the necessary text below the ## Abstract line to include the abstract.

This file format is called "Markdown", for more help writing Markdown documents, see:

This file can then be incorporated into our website by anyone with the required access; if you are an external researcher, then you can send this to your co-pilot who will have the necessary permissions.